Starline Is a range of products concentrating on the rotating machinery industry. We have concentrated our efforts over many years to develop software, hardware and service solutions to assist in increasing efficiency and quality when carrying out vibration analyses or balancing medium to large rotors.

We offer a range of standard products which can be scaled to your application or we are happy to work with you developing customised solutions. We have been able to assist companies worldwide with solutions enabling them to increase their efficiency and productivity.


Elstar’s highly flexible rotor analysis and balancing system which has been installed in balancing facilities worldwide and is also in portable form for problem solving  for onsite work . Cabstar can be summarised with the following highlights.  

  • Flexible rotor balancing
  • Up to 64 dynamic measurement channels for absolute bearing, relative shaft and absolute shaft vibration measurements (24 Bit amplitude resolution) 
  • Generator rotor temperature measurements 
  • Balancing on up to 16 correction planes 
  • Up to 10 balancing speeds. Cabstar stores and utilises raw data therefore it is possible to change balancing speed at any time after data acquisition has been performed 
  • Automated run up, constant speed and run down modes of data acquisition and storage 
  • A comprehensive range of plots on 9 different levels which can be used during live data acquisition and on store data 
  • Simple to use project orientated data base system 
  • Residual unbalance calculation and reporting function to ISO-standards 
  • Balancing weight position calculator for consolidating or splitting of fixed or variable weights 
  • Run out compensation 
  • Display multiple plots (Bode, Vector, Waterfall, shaft centre line, tables,trends etc.)
  • Ring buffer storage to capture transient events.
  • Influence coefficients are stored and can be used in future projects to significantly reduce the number of measurement runs 
  • Training package option where a complete balancing and data acquisition exercise can be carried out using a virtual rotor which reflects the response characteristics of a real pedestal /rotor combination. 
  • Low Speed Balancing The low speed balancing module can be purchased as a stand alone system, or as an option of Cabstar. When supplied as an upgrade to an existing installation, this module can utilize the existing transducer setup for data aquisition or we can provide a drop in solution to meet your pedestal requirements. The low speed balancing software is extremly simple to use and once input channel definitions have been established,the rest of the operation is confined to three windows.

Orbistar advanced Wireless Runout system

Especialy develloped for accurately measuring large rotors, Orbistar is certainly one of the most advanced runout systems available.

Using gauging and eddy current probes attached to a wireless front end unit together with Tiltex our wireless rotor angular sensor, a full range of Runout measurements can be performed.


Orbistar logo

is a simple to use mechanical and electrical run out measurement system with the following highlights.

  • Up to two complete (mechanical and electrical) run out channels 
  • Simple probe setup utility with bar graphs 
  • Automatic reporting function with amplitude and phase plots which can be setup to match your company format 
  • Math function for mechanical or electrical subtraction 
  • Eddy probes and mechanical gaging probes supplied with optional cable lengths 
  • Encoder option for hand turning operations 
  • Data acquisition module interface over USB enabling portable (notebook) or fixed installations



Cabstar, the ultimate rotating machinery analysis, balancing and condition monitoring system.

Develloped from many years of on site experience, Cabstar is an extremly powerfull rotating machinery analysis system. As standard, there is a comprehensive balancing module which utilises the Influence coefficient method over a complete drive train. This allows the vibration expert to build up a data base of influences for a particular machine thereby enabling balancing prognosises to be carried out with a minimum of trial runs. Cabstar can also be configured as a perminently installed on site machine condition monitoring system such systems have been delivered to neuclear power plants.