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ELSTAR manufactures a comprehensive range of signal analysis equipment with emphasis on machine vibration measurement. This together with representing world class sensor manufacturers allows us to provide you with a complete solution to your measurement, production testing and condition monitoring requirements.   

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Corvus is ELSTAR'S general purpose, highly scalable vibration signal analyser. With the abillity to be connected to a wide range of hardware suppliers, Corvus makes it simple to meet your measurement requirements. Corvus is an open system in terms of hardware and supports, but is not limited to, a wide range of National Instrument devices.
Corvus Analysers
Rotating Machinery
ELSTAR has worked closely with several large rotating machine manufacturers to create a range of equipement suited to measuring Balance, Run out, Vibration, Go/NoGo, Machine Condition and more. We have equipment in factory shop floors, large balancing facilities, Nuclear Power Plant as well as in the field of vibration diagnostic.
Rotating Machinery
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Starline Product Range

Starline Is a range of products serving the rotor balancing industry.

We have concentrated our efforts over many years to develop software, hardware and service solutions to assist in increasing efficiency and quality when balancing medium to large rotors.

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We offer a range of standard products which can be scaled to your application or we are happy to work with you developing customised solutions.

We have been able to assist companies worldwide with solutions enabling them to increase their efficiency and productivity.