The STM50P has been developed to produce clean, highly reproducable half sine shocks of up to 900g width of approx. 1.0ms. With a maximum payload of 50kg, this machine is popular with electro-components industry. The STM50P is suitable for environmental test labs.

  • Highly reproducable half sine shocks
  • IMPALA Control Software,
  • incl. Tolerance Monitor, Trends, Closed Loop, etc.
  • Integrated seismic mass
  • Remote control 


Max. payload:  50 kg
Max. repetition rate:  up to 60/min.
Max. acceleration: up to 1000g
Payload area:  470x520mm
Shock-Direction: Z-axis
Floor space:  450mm x 370mm (height ~920mm)
Weight:  ~1260kg

STM50P product description/specification

KeyBenfitsKey benefits to test with a ELSTAR STM

STM50P with Safety Guard Option

ELSTAR Shock Test Machines

We can supply a range of machines capable of half sine shock amplitudes of up to 2000g and a repetition rate of up to 60 shocks/min. A major feature of our shock test machines is the ability to produce high quality highly repetitive shocks this makes Elstar Elektronik machine popular where accuracy is paramount.

Many machines have been sold to watch manufacturers and to high presision optics suppliers. We are also capable of customising these machines to match individual requirements.

Our IMPALA data acquisition and closed loop control software gives great flexibility and is simple to operate.

Accurate, repeatable waveforms: The STM shock test machine gives results which meet a wide range of half sine test specifications, such as NHIS-90, EN 60069, MIL STD 810E, BS 2011 and DEF STD 07-55.

Stand-alone design: The STM shock test machine is free standing and therefore can be placed directly on a standard laboratory floor. Because no external reaction mass is requires, costly alterations to the installation site are avoided. The machine is also easily transportable to other sites. Installation is straightforward; requiring only a high pressure airline and single phase AC power.

ELSTAR has wide experience in supplying sensors chiefly in the area of vibration and Rotating machinery applications.