SignalForce range of water cooled shakers are used for many different applications such as testing of automotive sub-assemblies, military and defense components, large electronic components, and even fully assembled satellites. By utilizing the dual hydrostatic bearings that are incorporated in the shaker design, payloads with high overturning moments can be tested without the need for external guidance systems. When direct coupled, the SignalForce water cooled shakers offer superior low harmonic distortion at very low frequencies and maximum displacement. This linear response is the result of inherent engineering discipline, where copper material is added to the center pole and the body, and cancelling the apparent inductance which otherwise makes for non-linear response at low frequencies. The water cooled shakers may also be supplied with horizontal slip table systems for 3 axis testing.
Max. Force 80kN / 222kN
Models:  8 variatns
Max. acceleration: 100g
Table size:  440mm / 600mm
Axis: 1 - Axis
General:  High quality dynamic performance, Velocity Peak: 71 ips (1.8 m/sec)
  • Custom designed head expanders utilizing 3-D modeling and FEA analysis for maximum performance
  • Rigid trunnions available for all models
  • Multiple suspension configurations
  • Various amplifier configurations for maximized efficiency
  • Metric and imperial table threads

V20 55 100 specs klDP Water cooled shakers (LE2016-LE4022-LE5022)