The V617 and V1322 provide a versatile solution when an intermediate force level is required, together with a peak to peak displacement of 51mm. Both shakers have two force ratings, depending on the power amplifier configuration provided. As an option, to reduce energy consumption and the cost of ownership, it is possible to have the amplifiers configured for low field operation, selectable by the user. The V617 and V1322 offer high reliability and low maintenance. These shakers have found many diverse applications and are in service in many regions of the world.
Max. Force 4.67kN / 53.4kN
Models:  6 variatns (2 variants of each type)
Max. acceleration: 41g to 100g
Table size:  174.5mm / 335mm
Axis: 1 - Axis
General:  High quality dynamic performance
Options:  Vertical insulation mounts
Isolated trunnions
Monobase with slip tables
Air glides and guidance systems

V20 55 100 specs klDP Air cooled shakers (V617/V1322/V1333)