The V26 has been proven to be a highly reliable,  high performance shaker which is available in several configurations.  The V26 offers a choice of three table sizes:  340mm for high accel-eration testing,  440mm and 640mm for production testing.  The V26 has found many applications,  from automotive to testing jet engines to testing locomotive structures.  Other appli-cations have included avionics and consumer electronic components.  Optional features include:  automatic armature centering, economy field supply, vertical isolation mounts, isolated trunnions, air glides, chamber interfaces,  and monobase systems for three axis testing.

Max. Sine Force 10.5kN to 26.6kN
Models:  12 variants
Max. Sine Accel.: 15.7g to 65.6g
Table size:  340mm / 440mm / 640mm
Axis: Z-axis
General:  Max Payload of 500kg
Options:  Vertical isolation mounts
Low frequency isolation Low frequency isolation trunnions
Rigid trunnions
Chamber interfaces
Air glides

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