Data Physics’ range of air-cooled shakers have found application testing in Formula 1 racing cars, mobile telephones, health & safety type approvals, materials analysis, avionics systems and electronic sub-systems testing.  These shakers provide high lateral and torsional stiffness to provide maximum stability and support.  Thus producing high performance and low distortion levels.

Max. Force 1.6kN to 7.3kN
Models:  9 variants
Max. acceleration: 57g to 120g
Table size:  127 to 333mm
Axis: Z-axis
General:  DC energized shakers
Options:  Vertical isolation mounts
Low frequency isolation Low frequency isolation trunnions
Rigid trunnions
Chamber interfaces
Air glides

V20 55 100 specs klDP Air cooled shakers (V300/V350/V400)