Mechanical Shock / Drop & Vibration Testing

Precision drop testing at an affordable price. We call it the ACCUDROP 500 drop tester. This drop tester represents the ultimate in product and package performance testing and is designed to meet a wide variety of global testing needs.

Model AD-160A is one of three models in the ACCUDROP Series. It helps determine the ruggedness of packages and the effectiveness of their interior cushioning when exposed to impact during material handling. The effects of dropping are easily duplicated in a laboratory setting using controlled and precise at, corner, and edge drop tests.

The need for products to survive various shock levels in an operating environment requires in-house testing of products during the design and evaluation stages. L.A.B. Equipment, Inc.’s SD-series of mechanical free-fall test systems produces accurate and repeatable half sine, square-wave and sawtooth pulses in accordance with military and industry specifications.

The AutoShock-II ™ is a fully automated series of shock test systems used to measure and identify product fragility levels and evaluate protective packaging. With the simulation of real world shock pulses, including half sine, square wave and sawtooth pulse shapes, as well as impact energy levels, manufacturers can systematically test and optimize product design and packaging. L.A.B. Equipment, Inc.’s fully automated computer controlled shock and data analysis test systems are the critical path in accomplishing this optimization.

Incline Impact testers are used to simulate the handling of crates, palletized loads, and rail car carriers. Several sizes are available for testing palletized loads and single products up to 12,000 lbs. (5,454 kg). Our complete line of impact recording instrumentation will also provide you with the qualitative results and documentation required to substantiate the performance of your product or packaged system.

L.A.B. Transportation Simulators are used to determine the ability of packages and products to withstand shocks and vibrations encountered during in-plant handling and warehousing, shipping and distribution warehousing. Our transportation simulators use three methods of motion; rotary or circular synchronous motion, non-synchronous motion, and vertical linear motion to deliver the precise results you expect.

L.A.B. VibraTest Series of mechanical shakers with a frequency range of 8-60 Hz, provide an effective approach for testing electronic products, batteries, and parts for loose components and hardware failures. Advance Machine Control(AMC+) comes standard with our VibraTest Series, which expands the capabilities of the machine even further.

The M series of modal shakers use linear bearings, in place of the more common suspension systems, to produce virtually zero axial stiffness and virtually zero mechanical damping. When combined with Data Physics’ linear amplifiers, operating in current mode, the resultant system force output will exhibit typically less than 1%.

When large structures need to be tested, inertial shakers provide the ideal solution. The central spigot is attached to the structure under test and the body then provides the inertial mass. These shakers have found applications for testing buildings, floor loading resonances, ship’s decks for helicopter loading, squeaks and rattle testing in cars, geological exploration, helicopter rotor simulation and active vibration cancellation.

Data Physics’ range of small shakers are in use all over the world. Some have even been taken into space for special experiments under zero gravity conditions.  Applications have included medical research,  electronic component testing,  materials analysis, automotive component testing,  tyre balancing and actuator applications for antenna positioning using low axial stiffness special suspension units.  The V20, V55 and V100 may also be supplied in monobase structures for combined and horizontal testing.

Data Physics’ range of air-cooled shakers have found application testing in Formula 1 racing cars, mobile telephones, health & safety type approvals, materials analysis, avionics systems and electronic sub-systems testing.  These shakers provide high lateral and torsional stiffness to provide maximum stability and support.  Thus producing high performance and low distortion levels.

The V26 has been proven to be a highly reliable,  high performance shaker which is available in several configurations.  The V26 offers a choice of three table sizes:  340mm for high accel-eration testing,  440mm and 640mm for production testing.  The V26 has found many applications,  from automotive to testing jet engines to testing locomotive structures.  Other appli-cations have included avionics and consumer electronic components.  Optional features include:  automatic armature centering, economy field supply, vertical isolation mounts, isolated trunnions, air glides, chamber interfaces,  and monobase systems for three axis testing.

The V35 utilizes many features from the highly successful and reliable V26 series, to create an efficient and dependable shaker.  The V35 offers a  choice  of  three  table  sizes:  340mm  and  440mm  for  high acceleration testing and 640mm for production testing.  Both versions  use  rigid  table  designs  to  provide  high  quality dynamic  performance.    Other  features  include:  automatic armature  centering,  economy  field  supply,  vertical  isolation mounts, isolated trunnions, air glides, chamber interfaces and monobase systems for three axis testing.

The V53 is a high performance shaker offering good control The V53 is a high performance shaker offering good control capabilities at frequencies in excess of 2500Hz.  The V53 offers a  choice  of  two  table  sizes:    440mm  for  high  acceleration testing and 640mm for production testing.  Both versions use rigid  table  designs  to  provide  high  quality  dynamic  perfor-mance.  Other features include:  automatic armature centering, vertical isolation mounts, isolated trunnions, air glides, cham-ber interface and monobase systems for three axis testing.

The V617 and V1322 provide a versatile solution when an intermediate force level is required, together with a peak to peak displacement of 51mm. Both shakers have two force ratings, depending on the power amplifier configuration provided. As an option, to reduce energy consumption and the cost of ownership, it is possible to have the amplifiers configured for low field operation, selectable by the user. The V617 and V1322 offer high reliability and low maintenance. These shakers have found many diverse applications and are in service in many regions of the world.

L.A.B. Equipment, Inc., was established in 1933 and has been recognized for decades as the global leader in the design, manufacturing, and service of product reliability and package testing equipment. This includes drop testers, shock testers, hydraulic vibration, mechanical vibration, incline impact testers; and through our sister company, Techlab Systems, compression testers. All of our equipment meets a large variety of testing standards including ISTA, ASTM, ISO, TAPPI, and MIL-STD, to name a few. We are a team-based organization committed to manufacturing quality products on a consistent basis while maintaining a work ethic and attitude directed towards continuous improvement.

DP Logo 200px offers a wide range of Air- & Water-Cooled Shakers as also under water Shakers or Inertial and Modal Shakers. In the product line of Controllers we find a wide variety of systems and software to controll and analyse test runs.

ELSTAR Elektronik AG is a manufacturer of one of the worlds most advanced series of mechanical shock test machines.

We can supply a range of machines capable of half sine shock amplitudes of up to 2000g and a repetition rate of up to 60 shocks/min. A major feature of our shock test machines is the ability to produce high quality highly repetitive shocks this makes Elstar Elektronik machine popular where accuracy is paramount. Many machines have been sold to watch manufacturers and to high presision optics suppliers. We are also capable of customising these machines to match individual requirements.

Our IMPALA data acquisition and closed loop control software gives great flexibility and is simple to operate.

Accurate, repeatable waveforms: The STM shock test machine gives results which meet a wide range of half sine test specifications, such as NHIS-90, EN 60069, MIL STD 810E, BS 2011 and DEF STD 07-55.

Stand-alone design: The STM shock test machine is free standing and therefore can be placed directly on a standard laboratory floor. Because no external reaction mass is requires, costly alterations to the installation site are avoided. The machine is also easily transportable to other sites. Installation is straightforward; requiring only a high pressure airline and single phase AC power.

  • ELSTAR Services
  • Sensor calibration, we are able to calibrate accelerometers, eddy probes or velocity transducers at your site or ours.
  • On installations that use our Cabstar system, we are able to measure the complete measurement chain using a vibration table in the balancing pit. We measure simultaneously the Cabstar measurement values and compare to a local calibration system, this enables us to measure the line loss. The transducer calibration value and line loss can be entered into Cabstar for line loss compensation.
  • Bearing pedestal stifness. Using our centrifugal exciter we are able to measure the force being applied to the bearing pedestal through three calibrated force transducers. With this method we can provide a traceable stifness measurement for your balancing bearing pedestal.
  • Remote service access. With your permition we are able to use VNC to remote the access your Cabstar system in order to assist online any issues which may occur.
  • Elstar offers a range of service contracts which cover worldwide support (we support installations in America, Europe and Asia) to assist you with service planning.