ELSTAR background

Introduction and Background of Elstar Elektronik AG.


ELSTAR Elektronik AG is a Swiss company formed in 1984 specialising in the field of vibration and mechanical shock.

Today ELSTAR has grown into a company providing industry worldwide with Vibration measurement systems, mechanical shock test machines, expert field measurement services particularly in the area of rotating machinery. ELSTAR is also a supplier of accelerometers, vibration testing equipment high voltage safety testers and laboratory power sources for the Swiss market.




Rotating Machinery


By working closely with several world class power plant manufacturers Elstar has developed and supplied a series of vibration monitoring and analysis systems ranging from simple 4 channel portable systems up to plant monitoring and test bed systems with several hundred dynamic channels.

We also supply one of the world’s most advanced Run out measurement system. Our Orbistar system measures using wireless technology and has been supplied to factories worldwide.

We have built up a team of engineers with many years of practical field experience who have helped to develop these systems.

ELSTAR's Bearing Stiffness Measurement system








Signal Analysers

elstar starline software

General purpose FFT spectrum and time domain analyser with powerful recording functions have been developed and sold worldwide. There are many FFT analysers on the market but few with the capability of our Corvus system. We don’t just sell our software, we are able to support it through our in house expertise. We are able to give comprehensive assistance to almost any measuring task.









Mechanical Shock Test Machines 

STM Plakat kl

For over ten years, Elstar have been manufacturing a range of shock test machines for payloads of between 5 and 200kg. These machines are closed loop controlled and have a shock repetition rate of up to 60 shocks a minute. High repeatability of shock quality is a key factor when carrying out shock testing and we believe that we manufacture a machine that produces the very best quality in the industry. This is indorsed by a large number of machines being delivered to the Swiss watch and the precision optics industry.















Representing / Reseller

We are proud to be resellers in the Swiss market for the following manufacturers


Dytran Logo all blue


Dytran Instruments Inc. a quality manufacturer of Accelerometers, Force Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Impuls Hammers, Electronics, Cables, Vibracorders, etc.






IKONIXIKONIX Group USA provides test and measurement products and educational services to manufacturers around the globe. By building and managing brands that lead the markets we serve, we help manufacturers keep their employees and customers safe from the dangers of electricity.


ARIAssociated Research Inc. Founded in 1936. For more than eight decades Associated Research has shaped the electrical safety compliance industry with our innovative test and measurement solutions.




APTAssociated Power Technologies (APT) is a leading manufacturer of AC power sources and frequency converters. APT offers single phase and three phase solutions in power configurations from 500 VA to 18 kVA. APT’s products are commonly used in such industries as aerospace, military, test & measurement, medical device, lighting, components, power supplies, consumer electronics, transportation, testing laboratories, consumer appliances, and utilities/power distribution.



At SCI we develop products that make safety testing simple. We’ve been keeping our customers happy for more than 60 years by focusing on the little things. During that time we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to stay current, relevant and ahead of the competition. Our products are packed with only the features you need, and none that you don’t. Explore the most intuitive tests on the market. 





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Our facility is located in Wettingen Switzerland about 25 minutes drive from Zürich airport and close to major power plant manufacturers.


The regulatory documents governing and guiding the safety case work are the following:

  • STUK’s regulation STUK Y/4/2016 (STUK 2015c), replacing the Government Decree (GD) 736/2008 on the safety of nuclear waste disposal,
  • YVL Guide D.5 on the geologic disposal of radioactive waste (STUK 2014a) (possibly to be updated in 2016),
  • additional YVL guides (e.g. D.3, D.4, B.1) concerning nuclear facilities in general,
  • the STUK’s requirements about the safety case to be fulfilled before or at the time of submitting the operating licence application (STUK 2015a, Decision),
  • STUK’s assessment of the safety case TURVA-2012 (STUK 2015b, Review report)
  • STUK’s Consultants’ Consensus Reports - Safety Analysis (Sagar 2015)
  • STUK’s Consultants’ Consensus Reports - EBS (Apted 2015)
  • STUK’s Consultants’ Consensus Reports - Site (Chapman et al. 2015).

Posiva’s safety concept for the geologic disposal of spent nuclear fuel is based on:

  • the KBS-3 design of the geologic repository and
  • the characteristics of the Olkiluoto site.