ELSTAR Elektronik AG is a leading manufacturer/supplier of high quality measurement and test equipment. Established in 1984, we have built up a solid reputation for providing competent and reliable support for our products to a wide range of applications. We particularly specialise in the area of shock tests, vibration analysis, rotor balancing, simulation and transient capture, enabling us to provide customer specific instrumentation in these fields.


This web site is designed to allow the visitor to quickly locate the information required, but also includes news and application sections. The application section outlines some of the solutions provided by us to specific measurement problems. 


High speed-
shock test machines 


Pneumatic Highspeed
Shock Test Machines

  • For loads of up to 200kg and shocks of up to 2000g
  • Up to 60 half sine shocks per minute
  • Control loop system using Impala software

Frequency analyzers, Data acquisition sys.

Das high end multiprozess signalanalyse- und Überwachungssystem corvus Corvus, a multi process signal analyser with the following features:

• Modular System from a portable 4 channel up to test bed dimensions of 1024 Channels

• Real Time FFT, Time Signal (Oscilloscope), Data Recorder, Machine health monitoring

• A large range of functions including custom requirements.
• Fully synchronised data acquisition of multiple processes (Order analysis, slow signals eg. temperature or pressure fixed frequency analysis and dynamic data import)

Transient Recorder
Oscilloscope Recorder


Transient Recorder-
Oscilloscope-Recorder Series TPCX

  • 2-64 Channels per Unit (single ended/diff)
  • 14/16 Bit Resolution
  • 10,20,40 or 80 MHz sample rate per Channel
  • TransAS Universal analysis software


Power Supply4-Quadranten Stromversorgung

4-Quadrant Power Supply-Amplifier Series BOP, Output Power 1 kWatt

  • Output Voltage from 0 ... ±10V up to 0 ... ±100V
  • Voltage amplifier, current amplifier
  • Integrated Function Generator
  • True 4-Quadrant operation(Soarce and Sink)
  • Can be utillised as a power amplifier
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Latest News

New Models


Model Description 7804 AC/DC Hipot , IR and Ground Bond Test Instrument 7854 AC/DC Hipot (500 VA), IR and Ground Bond Test  mehr...

A Proven Solution for Global Medical Device Manufacturers

Our 8207/8257 is a must have in medical device testing labs - why? Because its a complete all-in-one solution for complying to UL/IEC 60601-1. With built-in MD images, you have The ability to analyze MD voltage and current waveforms with an oscilloscope to improve your input and analysis. These instruments fully comply with specifications such as UL2601, UL60601-1, IEC60601-1, EN606601-1 and more! mehr...

Miniature Accelerometer Capable of Operating at Temperatures of +1000°F, Model 3316M


Model # Sensitivity Mounting Upper Temperature Range Polarity
3316C 1 to 2 pC/g 5-40 tapped hole +900°F (+482°C) negative
3316C1 1 to 2 pC/g 5-40 tapped hole +900°F (+482°C) positive
3316M1 1 to 2 pC/g 10-32 tapped hole +900°F (+482°C) positive
3316M2 0.5 to 2 pC/g 5-40 tapped hole +900°F (+482°C) positive
3316M3 1 to 2 pC/g 10-32 tapped hole +1000°F (+538°C) positive mehr...